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mirrror groups??, color code option, bid increments

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:22 am    Post subject: mirrror groups??, color code option, bid increments Reply with quote

My concern:
I want to support gixen. I haven't invested in mirror because 90% of my sniping I use groups. The way i understand t I'll lose the mirror advantages when making group bids. I'm not sure the added value is there for me if I have to manually maintain individual snipes and monitor them as a group. I like feeding the cue until I get the price I want. You seem to offer mirror group 2 groups options that seem alot more intricate then the basic featured offered free. I'm willing to pay a couple more then the $6 a year to get a premium version that includes the same type of group bid as free version. Have you considered giving mirror customers the option of sacrificing dual snipe when when using group bids while retaining all the other advantages of the mirror service.

My likes:
I love the value of the service free and mirror . I have paid for other services with great organizing tools bells and whistles, but Gixen seems to give me the best value. Today I read mirror customers can make comments notes on individual bids and setting the bid the timer. These were the features I miss the most about not using auction sniper. I was excited about getting to use it until I realized the option would not be available for group auctions. Don't get me wrong I I still love free and have chosen to happily use free. I just wanted to acknowledge how great i think both of those features are. Hopefully they will be made available with the group snipes on the mirrored service.

It would be nice to add color to help organize and identify changes in bid status. Yes i know they do turn yellow when out bid which is excellent. I'm just saying Adding color to bid groups and canceled bids fro examples could make organizing bids easier to organize and monitor. It doesn't even have to be color any tools/options to help organize and keep track of a ever growing list of potential snipes are always a plus. Oh yeah , bid increments. The problem with bid increments is that it's difficult to determine what a bidder's max should be. I'm just saying I rather pay $2.50 over max bid then lose by $2.51 or less.

Wrap up:
I love Gixen it is a outstanding sniping tool. I look forward to see how you increase functionality now that you have eBay's co operation. I
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am not sure whether it was your intention but the implication of your post is that the service for Group biding is worse if you have a Mirror subscription... That is not the case, you have the advantages of being able to set offsets and set up comments.

Grouped snipes are not Mirrored, that is, those snipes are just not copied to the mirror server for it to work on (there are and will continue to be server technical difficulties with scheduling the cancellation of bids across servers while maintaining their crucial independence from one another and also avoid you winning multiple auctions under certain circumstances, which would be necessary to implement a Mirrored group service) ... but the Group operation is the same as for the free service.

So to summarise, the extra benefits for Grouped snipes are not as extensive as for standard snipes, but they are not worse than the free service.

As usual, when I have no objection or extra to add, I am not making any comment on your suggestions. I leave that to others to either add extra support or voice their own concerns.
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