At this point, I can provide email and forum support only, with no service guarantees. Please use English if you want a speedy response. Before sending an email, please check if the question has already been answered in the forum. If not, please post your question to the forum. Only then email (if urgent). Answers will be posted in the forum, so that they can benefit other users as well (and save me some time in the future). Allow at least 24 hours for response.

Bugs? Please report them to me. If you don't , who will?

You are a journalist and want to write a review of Gixen? Please let me know how I can help.

Many people sent their kudos for the simple and effective Gixen web design. Gixen web site (just the web design, not the sniping service!) was designed and is maintained by ArtLogika, a small business in eastern Europe, run by a longtime friend of mine. Please do not send support requests to my friend, he is completely oblivious when it comes to Gixen backend. Use instead.