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Display Shipping Amounts

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:07 am    Post subject: Display Shipping Amounts Reply with quote

mario wrote:
browntown wrote:
I'm no programmer, but when you "import watch list" you're logging into ebay for a second to pull down that list, ebay accurately shows s/h in the watch list based on the users info, can you pull down the s/h for watch list imports?

Good observation, it could be done.

This has issue has not been discussed in 2015, and it is important to me (obviously others as well). (see: "Maybe add shipping on Display Page?")

mario wrote:
Thank you rpcohen, I'll see that I add this, or at least to allow users to enter the cost themselves.

In the Forum Post above, it looked like adding a column for shipping was intended to be implemented. Manually entering it is not a beneficial option for me.

I would be happy if Shipping amount said "Free", "Flat $$.$$", or "Varies". That would be greatly useful to know if the seller is gaming the shipping costs to artificially raise the price.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:41 am    Post subject: Post Shipping+Handling somewhere in saved Bid List Reply with quote

I don't know if this is possible yet or not, although it would be most helpful to 'see' & 'know' what the 'Shipping-Handling Fee/s' are, per eBay item/s, within my saved pre-set Gixen Bidding List.

I've had it happen a couple times recently where I had entered many 'FREE SHIPPING' eBay items to my Gixen Bidding List, (at least I believed they were 'Free Shipping', as I deliberately set my searches to find only items with 'Free Shipping). Then after leaving for the day, when I returned, I discover that an item I sniped & won via Gixen, shows up in my eBay Purchase History, with an invoice including a disturbingly 'High Shipping Fee', (5 or more x's the price of the item!).

I don't know how this is happening, (if the seller is somehow adding a Shipping Fee after I've already pre-set up a snipe, or how their item/s got mixed up in my 'Free Shipping Searches', & then ended up not being free, once I've snipped & won them).

If I could have seen if there were shipping fees on those eBay items, in my Gixen Bidding List, (& how much they were), I believe it may have saved me from those unpleasant surprises.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


I think some of this type of thing happens because sellers list things with one shipping fee, but state another in the listing details... or don't even do that, but issue an invoice with higher fees after the auction completes. Such actions are, in theory, against the Ebay rules/guidelines.. however increasingly Ebay turns a blind eye to such activity, provide the tools to do it and, as such, passively encourage it... you have to make a great deal of fuss and expend a great deal of time effort and even cost just to get them to take any notice at all... Such dubious practices are unfortunately on the rise, and, I believe, are causing the Ebay marketplace itself to fall into some disrepute.. on Ebays' watch.

These circumstances could NOT be detected by Gixen before the auction closes... indeed the fact, as you highlight, that Ebay search itself is unable to differentiate between sellers that are genuinely offering free shipping and those that are gaming the system to appear in more searches just goes to show how difficult it would be to implement an accurate system here on Gixen... in fact it would be even more difficult to do it here on Gixen than it is on Ebay where, at least, you are logged into their site when you seek shipping prices.

In view of this, I believe it continues to be the right decision not to attempt to display any automatically retrieved shipping prices here on Gixen. The initial implementation costs would be huge, the support costs immense and, even with such an investment, the reliability would be, at best, dubious... and on top of that when things were not accurately displayed people would start blaming Gixen for the issue, when in fact the issue lies squarely with the sellers and with Ebay itself.
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