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changed ebay password, gixen still used old pass

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:35 am    Post subject: changed ebay password, gixen still used old pass Reply with quote


i just had a failed snipe with much dissapointment,

because i changed my password since setting up some snipes and didnt realize to use my new ebay password to login to gixen.

but as i could still log into gixen with the old password i didnt realise, till when it went to place a snipe and failed, Sad

how come gixen didnt check my ebay authentication each time i logged into gixen to check snipes and adjust my snipes ???

there needs to be atleast a "check authentication" button in the control panel, to test ones login rather than waiting for a snipe to fail ...

it seems you dont check this each time you login ? and perhaps only when you first log into gixen with a new account ... ???

Also but not so much your fault just a comment, that it seems since ive changed my password a few times in short time and made some errors too logging in, that it now asks me for captcha each time now.... I imagine this will go away with some time , but it means i can no longer log into gixen at all anymore and use this service, instead having to place them manually ....


thanks anyway for the service so far it has been great
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There were problems caused by too many people trying to log in with the wrong password/username combination on gixen, or logging in and not placing bids as is the function of the gixen front end, this caused eBay to insert captcha screens to the log in process when initiated from the gixen servers. This effectively blocked all snipes from gixen, stopping it from performing its primary function.

To aleviate this gixen was changed to keep a hash (encrypted version) of your password after a successful attempt to log in to eBay, hence avoiding so many log ins to eBay itself. That hash is used the next time you log in and if it matches your are allowed to proceed, the assumption being that you have not changed your eBay password. So yes you do now have to remamber that you have changed your password on eBay and use it here, to revert to the old system of checking all log in attempts with eBay would no doubt result in a return of the problems that eBay policy cause with that.
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