How does Gixen work?

by Mario Vodopivec, Sep 28, 2021
how does gixen work

How is Gixen designed?

What exactly makes Gixen the most reliable eBay auction sniper? One of the reasons is how it's designed.

Gixen uses four sets of servers in three geographically different areas:

  • Gixen front-end servers (user interface)
  • Gixen Main server
  • Gixen Mirror server
  • Gixen History

Gixen Mirror server and Gixen History server are available to Mirror subscribers only. Once you subscribe to Gixen Mirror there is no extra work you have to do in order to use it - you schedule snipes just the same, and they are automatically copied over and executed from the Mirror server as well, in addition to Main.

The reason for having two servers that execute snipes is obvious - if one of the servers goes down, or has a connectivity issue, your snipes will still be executed from the other one.


1) Can I still schedule or edit snipes if one of the servers goes down?

No. However, down time is a relatively rare event. When it happens, Gixen's focus is on not failing to submit any snipes, it is unable to allow any edits at that point.

2) One of the servers is down, and I want to cancel my snipes. What should I do?

The only remedy in this situation, if you are unable to wait for resolution, is to cancel your eBay authorization to Gixen on the eBay My Account page. See related blog post "eBay authorization" for more information. You can renew your eBay authorization later, when the Gixen issue is resolved.

3) If I cannot access Gixen or the webpage is down, does that mean that my snipes are not being executed?

No - Gixen front-end server being down does not affect the backend (main and mirror) servers. They will still execute your bids.