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It is because your bid was blocked by Ebay for not being at least one bid increment more then the current auction price. This is one of the fundamental Ebay rules of bidding.

Please read the FAQ page here; and in particular the section entitled 'I entered a bid of $101.00, but the winning bid was $100.00 and Gixen says BID UNDER ASKING PRICE. What happened?'

The relevant increments for GBP are here.
PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:42 pm    Post subject: Where was my bid?

Hi, I am a new client as of today, who joined Gixen & Gixen mirror with high hopes after reading some great reviews.
Alas on my first attempt at using your services there appears to have been an epic fail.
I was hoping to be successfully bid on item 132564824371 - my max was set at ÂGBP 30.71, however, the auction closed with a winning bid of ÂGBP 30.00. I was not the winning bidder nor did I feature anywhere in the list of bidders.
Can you advise me as to what has happened, or highlight what I must do with the settings to avoid this happening again.

thank you

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