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If you can remember the Gixen account id that your Mirror subscription was paid for you can use the Mirror transfer form, available on the Settings page, to assign the rest of your Mirror subscription to your new Gixen account.

If you can't remember that, then you will need to email Mario direct at the support address given on the Contact tab above. If possible please give details of the payment that you made to Gixen, including the date it was made, the transaction id (available on the email that Paypal send you to confirm the payment) and also the Ebay id that it was associated with... any of these may help Mario to track down where your subscription has been attributed, in order to move it to your new Gixen account.
PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:35 am    Post subject: Lost Account and Mirror Subscription


I set up a different username and password per the instructions and renewed my mirror subscription in November -- it always renews in November.

Tried to log in the other day and my username and password were not found and had to re-register. When I re-registered, now the Mirror subscription is gone.

Can this information be retrieved so I don't have to pay for another year within a month?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:02 pm    Post subject: Gixen Mirror

I will be donating my balance of my previous subscriptions to Gixen due to Mario's letter below which brings up some very important points. Thanks Mario and the Gixen team for all you do to bring this valuable tool to us for a very reasonable price. Thank you resisting GREED, we need more people like you on this earth. We appreciate your integrity.

Some Gixen history and appeal to subscribe to Gixen Mirror.

From its inception until today Gixen has served hundreds of thousands of users, and in vast majority of cases users liked it for its utility and simplicity.

It started out of frustration, after I personally, as a graduate student, needed a reliable and inexpensive sniping service, and couldn't find either. From that point on, Gixen has served hundreds of thousands of users, and did this mostly for free.

I am telling you this story because, as bad sales person as I am, today I am trying to sell you Gixen Mirror.

Many users still do not realize what a bargain Gixen Mirror service is for what you get in return. Gixen has to finance its operation from some sources. In order to maintain the free pricing, I never quit my day job, and spent my evenings, nights and weekends working on Gixen. I still had to pay for the infrastructure, however. A mirror subscription was introduced as early on I realized that service running on a single server in a single location can never be fault-tolerant. This realization was joined with a need to finance Gixen operation, and Gixen Mirror was born. The pricing was, and still is, very low, only $6/year, as I resisted temptation and greed, and still do today. This resistance to greed is the reason Gixen, and Gixen mirror are such a great deal, and why pricing never increased.

However, in order to maintain this, a base of users subscribing to mirror has to be large enough. Please consider subscribing today - not just in order to help Gixen and keep it running, but to ensure reliability for your own bids.

Mario (Gixen operator).
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Please follow the instructions Mark gave over at this thread.
PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:58 pm    Post subject: Gixen Mirror

I haven't used Gixen recently and today I just made the new switch to where I now have to have a Gixen user name and password. Everything went smooth but for some reason my "Mirror" subscription is not working. I had it paid up quite a bit and probably had a year or more left on it.

The same thing is also happening on my wife's "Mirror" account.

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