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MAXIMUM Max Bid, any foreseeable e-bay issues?

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2021 7:52 am    Post subject: MAXIMUM Max Bid, any foreseeable e-bay issues? Reply with quote

Hi, this question has to do with gixen desktop, gixen webpage, and ebay compliance.

My question is that last night I was trying to figure out what is the the MAXIMUM Max Bid that Gixen can make because the people I might be bidding against might be erratic (hyperbolic/manic,) so I have to be prepared by doing things even more .... creatively.

So, if anyone is interested; I first put a strand of 9's on the gixen website and found out that after a certain point, gixen doesn't give a number value, it gives the value "inf." Then, paring down the 9's, I found that the gixen website selected a number that started with a 1 and not a 9. After refreshing or attempting to re-start gixen, this crashed the desktop interface. After a while, desktop worked but did not not-stop working, but it has a strand of 9's while the website showed different. FINALLY, I was able to pair down the 9's until the website and desktop showed the same numbers. I will not reveal this number unless an old-timer contacts me and wants to know, personally; I'm sorry, I'm a bit paranoid! Shocked

There are only two foreseeable bugs that I see with this.

The first one, will ebay accept this number? Maybe this number won't be placed. I'm confused. Rolling Eyes Does gixen website/desktop place the next highest bid or will it play the obscene number? That obscene number might not be acceptable to ebay because it is so high! Wink

Second, on desktop I've set price refresh interval to variable. Will this obscene number choke the refresh by squeezing the bottleneck of gixen too tight, crashing gixen, in the final seconds of the bidding war? I have set my offsets to 4 and 3 seconds. This item is in Florida (the mirror is in Miami, I am not sure if this is helpful my regard.) Soon, gixen will attempt to snipe for me an item that about ten people have bid for and is about fifty dollars.

I'm going competing wild and crazy and fun loving people, so I have to make sure my attempts to pull out all stops won't foil me. I can see them, in in the final second, placing some crazy number like I am attempting to do, because it's kind of the nature of who we are as a people, wild, each in our own way, but with some commonalities!!
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2021 9:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

No one here is ever going to recommend scheduling snipes for amounts above what you are willing to pay, or that you have available to pay, or that exists in the whole worldwide economy.

Because, as I think you've realised, sooner or later you'll come up against someone doing the same or similar and then the price of the auction would be so high that you would not be able to pay it. I don't imagine a first offence would get you banned from Ebay, but if you did it consistently then it certainly would.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2021 12:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Okay, will change this.

For anyone who cares to know, the number is:



nine hundred and ninety-nine trenonagintillion nine hundred and ninety-nine duononagintillion nine hundred and ninety-nine unnonagintillion nine hundred and ninety-nine nonagintillion nine hundred and ninety-nine novemoctogintillion nine hundred and fifty-five octooctogintillion three hundred and ninety-five septemoctogintillion three hundred and fifty-one s*xoctogintillion seven hundred and seventy-three quinoctogintillion five hundred and thirty-six quattuoroctogintillion one hundred and thirty-four tresoctogintillion four hundred and twenty-seven duooctogintillion four hundred and twenty-seven unoctogintillion one hundred and eighty-two octogintillion one hundred one novenseptuagintillion eight hundred and ninety-one octoseptuagintillion one hundred and thirty-one septenseptuagintillion two hundred and eighty-one seseptuagintillion two hundred and twenty-nine quinseptuagintillion and fifty-seven quattuorseptuagintillion three hundred two treseptuagintillion six hundred eighteen duoseptuagintillion four hundred and fifty-four unseptuagintillion ten septuagintillion two hundred and thirty-four novens*xagintillion three hundred and seventy-nine octos*xagintillion eight hundred and forty-nine septens*xagintillion five hundred and ninety-eight ses*xagintillion seven hundred and forty-nine quins*xagintillion four hundred and thirty-three quattuors*xagintillion eight hundred and thirty-nine tres*xagintillion six hundred and sixty-eight duos*xagintillion seven hundred five uns*xagintillion nine hundred eighty s*xagintillion nine hundred and seventy-seven novenquinquagintillion two hundred and seventy-nine octoquinquagintillion six hundred and sixty-three septenquinquagintillion two hundred ninety sesquinquagintillion seven hundred and sixty-seven quinquinquagintillion eight hundred nine quattuorquinquagintillion seven hundred and fifty-seven tresquinquagintillion and fifty-five duoquinquagintillion five hundred and eighty-six unquinquagintillion five hundred ten quinquagintillion nine hundred and eighty-six novenquadragintillion eight hundred and seventy-five octoquadragintillion three hundred and thirty-seven septenquadragintillion six hundred ten sesquadragintillion three hundred fourteen quindragintillion seven hundred and sixty-six quattuorquadragintillion eight hundred forty tresquadragintillion seven hundred and seventy-five duoquadragintillion four hundred forty unquadragintillion three hundred and fifty-eight quadragintillion one hundred thirty novemtrigintillion nine hundred and sixty-three octotrigintillion four hundred and fifty-five septentrigintillion four hundred and seventy-nine s*xtrigintillion six hundred and twenty-five quintrigintillion eight hundred seventeen quattuortrigintillion six hundred eight tretrigintillion four hundred and thirty-eight duotrigintillion three hundred and eighty-nine untrigintillion two hundred twenty trigintillion two hundred eleven novemvigintillion two hundred and ninety-seven octovigintillion six hundred and thirty-nine septenvigintillion two hundred and seventy-nine s*xvigintillion seven hundred thirty quinvigintillion eight hundred and forty-nine quattuorvigintillion five hundred two trevigintillion four hundred and ninety-five duovigintillion nine hundred and eighty-three unvigintillion nine hundred and seventy-eight vigintillion six hundred and ninety-six novemdecillion five hundred and thirty-four ocodecillion two hundred and sixty-three septendecillion two hundred and fifty-nine s*xdecillion six hundred sixteen quindecillion six hundred eighteen quattuordecillion seven hundred and ninety-six tredecillion four hundred and fifty-three duodecillion and thirty-four undecillion four hundred and twenty-two decillion nine hundred and eighty-nine nonillion nine hundred and fifty-eight octillion nine hundred and eighty-three septillion two hundred and forty-six s*xtillion two hundred and forty-four quintillion nine hundred and twenty-nine quadrillion eleven trillion six hundred and thirty-nine billion nineteen million one hundred ten thousand four hundred dollars

a value greater than the gold deposits of the entire universe/multiverse, maybe.
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