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Great service - should emphasize "grouping"

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 11:58 pm    Post subject: Great service - should emphasize "grouping" Reply with quote

Hi - have used your service on a few items and am very happy with it.

I read a few "don't bother to snipe, just put in your highest bid and let ebay proxy voting do it for you" type posts elsewhere.

The above logic only works if I want "item number 1234".

I dont.

I want a "model kickass-6000 whatever", and I want the bugger cheap. Not just fair, but dirt cheap. So there.

I could not give a rat's which of the twenty listed I pick up. If I missed all the first 19, I would go a little higher but would be seriously annoyed to go to my max on item 1 and pay a lot more than the fellow who got number 6.

For me the logic of your site works. I only buy luxuries I could live without on ebay. This means I can usually take it or leave it, and only want to play if there is a bargain going. I am happy to wait a while to get what I am after and bid on 50 to get one.

Emphasize "one" however. I can not be bothered waiting around for a week to track a single auction and I definitely do not want to put in a low but still competitive bid on five items and then log back in and find I owe $1000 and have five bargain robot vacuum cleaners. (last group I bid on, won, excellent price - cool).

I think you should make more of the "group" function in your marketing. Together with the fact that I usually win by only a few bucks - indicating that someone probably would have gone a bit higher if they were watching at the right time - the site just works.

Much appreciated.
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