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Please email me. The system used by paypal is not smart at all, it's time-based with notifications sent to Gixen only one-way. So I need to take a look at that - either issue you a refund for extra payment, or cancel recurring payments.
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Thanks Mark,
I'll have a think about it but will probably leave it and see what happens next year.
$6 isn't going to break me and there are plenty of other things to worry about at the moment.
Thansk for your responses.
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I do not know what the algorithm is for taking more payments. I would guess that it won't try to take another payment until what you have already paid for is about to run out, and that the payment that you set up second will override the one you set up first, so that next time you won't get two payments coming out.

I'm assuming that you set up at least one of these payments this May, not both the previous year ?

Only Mario can be definitive on the algorithms used for these payments, so if you are not confident that this will sort itself out in the long term, or would just prefer one of the payments be refunded, and your subscription reduced in timescale accordingly, you would be best off contacting him directly about it, via email at the support address given on the Contact tab above. Please be sure to include your Gixen id in all such communications.
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Both payments are for $6 (converted to GBP as I'm in UK) and seem to have both been applied to my single Gixen a/c as it is now paid up until 2022.
Presumably this means I'll always be 2 years in advance or will the payment system be clever enough to know next year that no payment is needed?
(Presumably not as it wasn't this year!).
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Is there nothing at all that indicates your Gixen id in the notifications you got from Paypal in May ?

Oh, I see you have actually think that you may have been credited twice on the same account, had you only expected a one year extension to your membership ?

What was the amount of these payments, because there are both one and two year options.
PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:35 am    Post subject:

Both payments have the same (11 digit) reference number
PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 4:36 am    Post subject:

Is it possible that you have two Gixen accounts set up ?

Each payment should include a reference to the Gixen account to which it applies, on the payments are these the same or different ?
PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 3:36 am    Post subject: Charged twice by Gixen

Got 2 'thank you for your payment' emails on consecutive days (14th and 15th of May) and when my credit card statement arrived it has 2 payments taken. This is reflected in the subscription end date (July 2022) but not sure why it happened.
Have I somehow got 2 recurring payments set up?

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