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PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 3:43 pm    Post subject:

Ebay doesn't mind activity from Gixen any more (many years ago that might have been possible), apart from the fact that Ebay is very used to it now, Gixen is also authorised (by you) to bid on your behalf. It also doesn't log in via the same interface (the Ebay web page) that you do.

However, you logging in from a location that is very different from usual is very likely to cause Ebay security alerts to be triggered on your account. I've had it happen on my own Ebay account while away on a foreign holiday. I'm sure that's the cause of your issue with the Gixen bid today. It could certainly result from actions that you took a few days ago, security alerts do take a short while to cause consequences like this.
PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 3:29 pm    Post subject: Bid not placed by GIXEN

I did not change my password. I have never revoked Gixen creditentials from ebay. The only thing I was doing was refreshing ebay auction page manually from my computer. I have also Gixen Desktop Manager open and set to refresh every 2 seconds but I have not touched Gixen webpage on my computer browser.

I suspect the fact that many connections were established form many locations Germany, USA and currently North Africa as I am on travel right now. This could have raised the suspicion of ebay. But this didnt happen for my last winning auction 4 days ago.
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The status sent via email implies that the authority that you gave Gixen to bid on your behalf was revoked before the auction completed.

Did you reset your Ebay password before the auction ended? That often seems to cause the authority to be revoked by Ebay.

In any case, you now need to re-authorise Gixen to your Ebay account; which is done via the second section on the Settings page which is accessed via the Settings button, after you have logged in here on the web interface. As part of that process you will need to log into the Ebay account you wish to authorise. It doesn't cost you any money.

Did you also use the refresh button while on the Gixen page?... That might explain the ENDED status there, as it indicates you made an edit after the auction had completed. Never use the refresh button on the snipes page, if you do you should get a warning message that you should not do this... to refresh that page just push the 'Add' button without entering any information on it.
PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:52 pm    Post subject: Bid not placed by GIXEN

Status (main): ENDED on my mobile app

GIXEN has sended me an email seconds before the end of the auction with this status:
Status (main): Please login again now. Your security token has expired. For security reasons, please log in again

I have no mirror subscription yet because I still testing its reliability.
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My guess would be that Ebay decided to restrict your account before Gixen tried to place the bid.

However in order to give some certainty, what was the status that Gixen gave the snipe after it had completed, on both the Main and Mirror tabs.
PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:23 pm    Post subject: Bid not placed by GIXEN

my sniping bid did not appear on auction history for item 323954097233. my maximum bid was way too high comparing to the winning bid.
I just discovered later that ebay blocked temporary my account for reasons I still don't know and I was asked to reset my password. that was a very bad timing for that incident.

The item is located in Austria with allowed european postage, I was bidding on the German ebay server and my Gixen server are set to target US ebay servers.
Also in the last few seconds I was refreshing my ebay(DE) continuously in order to have a live view of what was happening that was in part because I was very attached to win.

I would like to know if this has some to do with the decision of blocking my account.

I am new to Gixen my success rate with this tool is only 50%. I think seriously to return to manual bidding as my success rate was much higher by simply inserting my last winning bid within the last 10 seconds with an amount of a few incrementS (say 3 times) higher than the last bid seen before 10 second. I would have certainly win this item with that strategy.

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