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PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:49 pm    Post subject: As far as I'm concerned...

I've supported Mario all along. My first subscription for the mirror service was shortly after I started using gixen and saw the value in gixen all around.

December 2018 I paid for another 2 years of the mirror service. Cost me $11.00 and I've only used it four times, I think, ever since.


I've already recovered that $11.00 at least 8 times over winning a single item.

I could have paid $129.00 retail for a VuPoint wand scanner on Amazon. I almost did.

After waiting and watching eBay for about 2 weeks (patience is still a virtue) I found one NIB on eBay that included extras I wasn't going to get with the Amazon version. Like a hard shell travel case for the scanner.

The eBay one? Got it for $36.00 - with a gixen snipe and a one dollar bid increment over the only other bidder. The way I see it I saved myself over 90 bucks. More than that if you figure in the bonus travel case not included with the Amazon version.

As far as I'm concerned I'm good with what I paid for the mirror service even if I don't bid on anything else in the next two years. Very Happy

That won't be the case I'm sure. I'm just not a high volume eBay user, yet the little Mario asks for the mirror service - that provides you with an even more reliable gixen and extra features - can be recouped very quickly. I'm one user who will never complain about the value of gixen and what little the mirror service costs. Certainly not with what I just saved on that single auction.

Just can't see how anyone can come out a loser paying for the mirror service - and helping to keep Mario and gixen going.


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