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PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:40 am    Post subject:

Nevermind - got it
PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:12 am    Post subject: Also can't log in

Just signed up, all went well, tried to log in and am getting a page saying "Error occurred, try back later" Have tried different browsers, what's up?
PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:35 am    Post subject:

Have you tried the recovery options available under the 'Sign Up' button on the home page which look like this:

Forgot your Gixen username? You can retrieve it here.
Forgot your Gixen password? You can reset it here.


If all else fails you can revoke Gixen's authority to bid on your behalf via Ebay, under the 'Account' tab, after selecting the 'Site Preferences' link, under the 'Third-party authorisations' title. It mentions Mario by name, you check the 'Revoke this authorisation' check box and then press the 'Apply' button.

Of Course when you regain access to your Gixen account you would then need to set this authorisation up again via the Settings page.
PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:04 am    Post subject: Can't log in!

Like the title says - when I try to log in I just get a blank page with "Error Occurred. Please try again".
Tried with several different browsers and on two different machines - same result...
I need to get in before tomorrow to remove a bid on an item (392312503167) i no longer want!

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