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Can I just say that the implication that the free to use option is no longer available is incorrect, access to it might be limited by a short wait, but it hasn't been removed, and I don't see any indication that it will be at the moment. I also really don't think that a 60 second wait to schedule a snipe is that much of an imposition if you're only using it very infrequently. Please correct me and explain why I am wrong if this is not the case.

I think the option to buy and use 'Chunks' and the option to subscribe via 'Pay-Per-Use', both available on the Settings page, are also already aimed at low usage users.

There really are quite a few options available already for different levels of usage.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:36 am    Post subject: Free service, Joining fee for permanent usage Or capped use

I don't use Gixen often enough to justify subscribing to the mirror, but as a thought, perhaps the FREE service could be limited to a certain number of successful snipes per year (or quarter). Then after that a small fee for successful snipes, capped at $2 for the year.
I realise this would require an account to be registered with Gixen. And that taking very small amounts out could be impractical. So perhaps a small joining fee for 5 year (or permanent) use of the "free" Gixen, allowing you to make unlimited snipes on the "free" Gixen? Those who don't join get a limited amount of snipes per year.
I certainly would be happy to pay $5 for permanent use of the "free" site. I believe in supporting a service I use, but that the fee needs to match the benefit to me. The mirror at $6 pa is not value to me as a low usage member

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