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Lol, I take your point about people not being able to understand what little colour coding there already is but I think the traffic light system is so universal that even the amoeba that have trouble with the current system would understand it, & it would improve their user experience of Gixen greatly. Maybe enough for them to actually PAY to use the service. 😉

But... I've been using Gixen for 4 months now so I've kinda got used to the way it is & I understand that if there were a change it would probably confuse long term users for a while
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Don't know about this. Have you looked at all the "Why is it red?" questions on the forum already when they can't figure out where the Edit box is? Can't get people to understand what little color coding there is on the site to begin with, let alone adding orange and amber to the mix.

I prefer words myself. If people can't locate and read WON etc. on their bid page all hope is lost.

PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 10:45 am    Post subject: Improving Gixen User Interface

Ok so I'm new so forgive me if this has all been said and done before....

I've read quite a few comments from people saying Gixen looks archaic, too basic, too 'millennial' etc.
Some have said it puts them off paying a subscription as it looks amateurish. Great because it's free but not professional enough to warrant payment.

I appreciate that Mario (and others such as Cupid) probably spend far too much time maintaining it as it is without the extra work of a re-design and the low cost of subscriptions means there isn't enough funds to employ someone specifically to re-design it. However, I think that the CURRENT UI could be improved greatly with just a few simple tweaks. (Simple he says having no experience of programming etc. Lol)

BETTER COLOUR CODING (or color coding for those over the pond).
Currently when you import Watch List the items display with a Yellow background. When you add your bid they go alternate White or Grey. When you are Editing it goes Red. At auction end it remains White with a description - Won, Outsniped etc.
Soo much more visual information could be shown if the universal traffic light system was employed.....

Import your wish list - it Displays White/Grey as no bid has been added.

Add your Bid - it displays Pale Orange (Amber) - it is queued waiting. You could have two shades just as it is White or Grey now.

Your bid is too low - it displays Pale Red to indicate you need to amend.
Whilst amending it can go a slightly darker red.

At the auction end it could change to Green (item Won) or full Red (item Lost) with a description as now - Outsniped, Bid too low etc.

It'd make your Gixen Bid list very easy to comprehend at a glance, and I assume not too great a task to amend existing programming.

Make sense?

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