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I agree with "Guest" that the site looks like something from the 1990's. And I agree with you that efficiency and efficacy is of paramount importance to your users. However, I don't think the two issues (modernization vs. utility) are mutually exclusive.

My bank recently updated their website and I was apprehensive about the changes. But much to my surprise, the changes were almost completely cosmetic. Not sure about how much overhead was cleaned up in the process, but the basic ins and outs of the website remained the same. Their new website is cleaner, brighter and easier to read while avoiding the pitfalls of creating a new interface.

As to your experience with a website designer, there a good ones (adept at identifying their customers' needs) and there are bad ones (who fall in love with bells and whistles). You need to find a good one.

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BTW, I recently signed up for the recurring membership option. I don't buy/sell on eBay as much as I used to, so I could have lived with your free version. But I like the idea of supporting such a well operated and useful consumer service. It's my way of saying, "Thanks, Mario, for a great website!" It's probably the best 6 bucks that I spend each year.
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I asked one designer to make a new one... paid for it... and ended up not liking it.

As for the rest - it does work, in 2019, and very well so. It turns out that most people care far more about utility than looks. If you don't believe me, check how many design updates you typically see in a hammer you can buy in home depot.

Users are used to this UI, and changing it causes far more trouble than benefit. I am aware of it, you may not be.
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Gixen's success has nothing to do with "san serif html5 javascripting abstract logos." Gixen's loyal membership exists because Gixen reliably does what it claims it does. Gixen simply works.
PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:43 am    Post subject: Dude, if you seriously wanna improve revenue.

You gotta get a new logo, and a website design that's not from the millennium era.
People like San serif fonts, and everything to look like it came out of an info graphic, it's easy, but you'd have to completely overhaul your entire website. Enough with the waiting banner and forced promotion gimmicks, that shit won't work in 2019. (Ok, it'll work just fine, but it won't thrive.) Even if it's the same shit, people will lap it up if you put it in a nice san serif html5 javascripting abstract logo bearing shit load mothership

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