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I used to do this with my program, sometimes sellers can relist same item many times ie have lots of stock and keep sniping till you get the price you want. So what I am saying is seller and keyword search basically
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In fact - one of the ideas I had was to do something similar - define the criteria, and then snipe automatically when such item appears.

The conditions would have to be - a new product (not used, as used can be in various conditions), and reliable eBay product-centric search.

The latter is still missing - sellers often enter wrong identifiers - e.g.unique identifier for product when they are really selling an accessory, etc. This results in a very flawed catalog.
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Gixen does not provide options to search eBay, so it certainly doesn't provide what you suggest.

It sounds rather a dangerous idea to me, I doubt you would get much support for it.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:01 am    Post subject: Bulk Snipping

I have used another sniper in the past that allows bulk snipping... (all items on a specific search page will be snipped with the same bidding perimeters. Can this be done with this Gixen?

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