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Thanks for the explanation, Mario
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eBay does not know what is in Gixen, but it does know that you "viewed" an item, as "GetItem" call to eBay by Gixen is sent using your authorization token. This is an equivalent of viewing item on eBay while being logged in.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:04 pm    Post subject: Does eBay know what's in my Gixen snipe list?

Recently I have been receiving emails from eBay telling me (for example): "This item ends at 15 Feb, 2018 02:00 GMT. The countdown has begun!"

The curious thing is, that the item in question is not on my eBay watchlist, only on my Gixen snipe list.

I find this a bit worrying. I didn't realise my Gixen account information was being shared with eBay (if that is what's happening).

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