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Please also see the response that I just gave on this thread. Since the seller chooses where it is applied as a restriction on a listing by listing basis it can occur randomly as far as your bidding/sniping is concerned. Not many sellers actually set that restriction.

On Ebay, once logged on, from the MyEbay area, select the 'Account' tab, then I think the relevant setting is under 'PayPal account' (on the left) and then 'Buying and selling on eBay->Buying on eBay'. It's worth checking again that you have it set up there just in case it's got removed.

It's also under 'Personal information' then 'Financial Information->Saved checkout payment methods' but I don't believe it is sufficient just to have it there.
PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:18 am    Post subject: Bid not executed

Bid didn't execute last night. The status about PayPal is confusing becayse I do have a linked PayPal account and a Gixen bid was successfuy placed last week and there have been no changes to my account.

112685383750 Offset (main): 6
Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Speakerphone w/ Extended Mics in Case NR! (by hush-pupi)
Time to end: ENDED
Max bid: 101.11 USD Current: 27.66 USD
Status (main): No linked PayPal account. Buyer does not have a linked PayPal account.

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