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PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:53 pm    Post subject:

Ebay has in the past sent me "Hurry! Bid now!" e-mails on items they thought I might be interested in. They were items similar to other items/categories I had already purchased from but other than that had no connection to anything I was actually watching or bidding on at the time. IMO this is just a marketing ploy by eBay - and a really bad one at that.

And now for something completely different:

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I don't know exactly and it would take me a long time to find out.

I don't get these emails, in fact I only ever get emails from Ebay when I win and pay for items.

I have everything switched off under the Account tab->Communication Preferences... and may have switched other things off over the years too.

My first guess would be Buyer->Watch Alert, I have that set to 'None' ... but I also have most other things set that way, or 'Off'.
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Cupid wrote:
I think these emails can also be turned off on Ebay by altering your communication preferences there.
eell, I spent over an hour there looking. And I couldn’t find it. I found several much more granular, but nothing matching.

And then Customer Service spent over 30 minutes with me on the phone running through them, without success.

And the tech escalation people tweaked everything they could think of, but that didn’t fix it either.

I am happy to shut it off, if so eone can just point me to the item needing changing.
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mario wrote:
Why don't you simply set an email filter to filter out what annoys you?

Filtering my email works fine on my PC and laptop. But not on my 4 iPads and ever-changing iPhones, which is where I really read my emails...
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I think these emails can also be turned off on Ebay by altering your communication preferences there.
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Bay925, since August eBay now knows that you are looking at the item when you add it to Gixen. This is because call to eBay to fetch item details contains your authorization token. This is no different than when you browse items on eBay while being logged in. Gixen does not send your maximum bid to eBay in advance, so that part remains unknown to eBay until bid is placed, but the mere fact that you looked at the item is known to eBay the moment you schedule a snipe.

Why don't you simply set an email filter to filter out what annoys you?
PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:51 pm    Post subject: Ebay sending messages to me reminding me to bid - Gixen

How do I stop getting IPhone description is ending soom, Myname messages from EBay?

I was bidding on over a dozen iPhone items with Gixen. A couple days later Ebay sent me messages like: iPhone 7 bidding is ending soon - just trying to get me to bid. It wasn’t in response to anything I was watching, just that I had looked up items on EBay, and then set up Snioes on Gixen. I had set up a bunch of snioes, so I got several of these EBay messages every day until all of the items expired.

The messages were really bothering me, so I carefully searched on both EBay and Gixen to find out how to turn the messages off. Lots of EBay options to disable messages simikar, but not this one. Started getting mad.

Called EBay customer service. They tried showing me all of the messages, but none were right. So I sent the agent 14 of the unwanted spurious “bidding is ending soon” messages. The agent escalated the problem. Took days. Then called me back asking if the messages had stopped. Well, I stopped bidding, so yes, the messages Stopped. But not because of anything eBay did. So I decided to run a test.

I never bid on Android phones, so I used EBay to browse a dozen Expensive android phones. I got no messages.

So I browsed four expensive lawnmowers, and set up Gixen snipes under $5 for each of the four lawn mowers. 28 hours later, I got a message SPCM1936 Black & Decker lawn mower Cordless/Self Propelled 36 volt Pick up only is ending soon, Myname

So, on the surface, it appears that I don’t get the annoying messages unless I actually set up snioes on Gixen. I looked at 3 times more android phones on EBay, but got no messages. I set up only four Gixen snioes, and got the message from Ebay.

Has anyone else seen these messages?
Anyone have any idea how to shut them off in either EBay or Gixen?

Please help me get this irritating, annoying message shut off!

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