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Also, you never use currency symbols when entering the amount of your bid or gixen will return an error message. As Mark said, the eBay site/page you are going to bid on is what determines the currency of the auction. And same as with directly bidding at eBay adding any currency symbol in the bid field will generate an error message.
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It is always the currency of the auction in question.

Gixen doesn't do any currency conversion at all, it is up to you to work out the true potential cost if you choose to set up snipes on auctions listed in currencies other than your own.

Personally, I use to get up to date currency rates. Also take into account that if you use PayPal to pay for the item they charge 3.5% above the mid market rate, to you the buyer, in order to do the conversion for you.
PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:11 pm    Post subject: currency input

Hi guys, is the currency on Gixen default in USD?

Or it depends on the currency of the posting?


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