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Mark, you're easily amused. Razz

Yes, one can easily find all sorts of explanations of how eBay and Vickrey auctions work by a simple google search.

This has also been discussed at length in this forum. Here are links to a couple of such threads.
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Would you like a(nother) job, Ramona ? Very Happy

You do make me laugh... (In a good way).
PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:20 pm    Post subject: Re: INFORMED BID INCREASES NOT UP TO DATE

That is exactly the same situation I posted about a few weeks ago, (Hi ramona). I use GIXEN to use as a surprise bid auction, but I need to be kept informed that my previous bid has been surpassed. it is entirely my affair if I go "crazy " and want to increase my bid. Just let me know when I need to do this.

While it is, indeed, entirely your decision whether you go "crazy" or not, it is somewhat unrealistic to expect an auction sniper, like Gixen, to cater to your illogical and naive requirements.

As I said previously, I'd suggest that you take some time to actually understand how eBay works, and in particular the difference between a modified Vickerey auction and a "going, going, gone" traditional auction, rather than expecting applications like Gixen to be unnecessarily amended.

(It is also trivially easy to see the current value of an eBay auction without incrementing the auction counter).
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As Mario said, using the service any way one wishes is not selfish or disrespectful. The other point is that, as the developer, Mario controls how the service is used by setting the rules by which it operates.

I certainly agree with you, Mario, that releasing an updated desktop manager would be the best solution.

@larrytown - You're right. As one learns how eBay works, they change their bids less often because they begin to understand that it matters less when they bid than it does how much they bid. The only bidders that are surprised by a snipe are those who thought they'd have a chance to respond.

I once entered a snipe bid of $151.15 on an item I'll never again see on eBay. (It was a collection of journals printed in the 1890's.) When I looked at the auction five hours before it ended, it was at the starting price of $35.00 and there was one other bidder. When the auction closed, the other bidder won it for $151.20. Perhaps I surprised him; perhaps not. But I can assure you that I was surprised.
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Well, I suppose the best solution is to encourage people to subscribe to the paid service.I do not change my original bids as much as I used to as I previously mentioned; everything on ebay comes back around eventually.I am not sure as to your concept of a snipe service. To me ;it is a surrogate auction assistant. It does the work for me when I can not be there and I pay for the outcome.
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The solution for this, is really, to release the new Desktop Manager as soon as possible, and I am responsible for it.

In an ideal world, I would have released it at the same time when conversion happened, but there was just too much to do at once, and for unrelated reasons I just couldn't wait - the situation was 'It's now or never'.
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For the avoidance of misunderstanding;

My point was not that 'a few extra edits' takes much away from the service or consumes many more resources, it is that having many more snipes hosted and being monitored by the site, does;

Some here already acknowledge those extra snipes are never going to be realistic... and, to be blunt, someone has to pay for those scarce resources, so why should those that use the service responsibly be expected to subsidise those that choose to exploit it ?

Especially when, what they are seeking to do, can be achieved easier by slightly changing their own working practices and using Ebay's, far greater, resources instead.

Other than that, one time, change this would not inconvenience those users in the slightest, in fact as I've sought to explain, such changes actually save those users time in the medium and long run... So there is not even a downside, for anyone.

It is not an 'auction assistant' it's a sniping service.
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OK. I stand corrected.

It will certainly be a good thing when the updated desktop manager is rolled out in order to provide the auction management features users are asking for and relieve the Gixen servers of that role. As Mario has pointed out many times, Gixen is not designed to provide real-time auction updates.

I'm with you, Mark. The fact that an item's current price has gone up should not influence the size of one's snipe. Ebay's bidding advice is also to bid just once. However, that seems to be a concept that takes a while to understand. The idea that the last bid wins (rather than the highest bid) is deeply ingrained in our psyche.
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It doesn't - feel free to use it as you wish. I cannot continuously update prices for 30,000 scheduled bids, but a few extra edits is not an issue.
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I agree with Larry. I don't see how using Gixen in your own way is selfish or disrespectful. I've been using Gixen for years and paying for the mirror, using the tool how I want to. I've never seen any guidelines as to how to use the service. Is it really taking resources away from other users if we change our bids?
PostPosted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:48 am    Post subject: INFORMED BID INCREASES NOT UP TO DATE

That is exactly the same situation I posted about a few weeks ago, (Hi ramona). I use GIXEN to use as a surprise bid auction, but I need to be kept informed that my previous bid has been surpassed. it is entirely my affair if I go "crazy " and want to increase my bid. Just let me know when I need to do this. i don't like to keep checking back with ebay as it shows up on their counter clock as to how many visitors have seen this item and may encourage them to increase their bids. not good for me. I have won some auctions as I was the only bidder. on some good"stuff" too.Gixen is supposed to be a surrogate auction assistant,, not a judgment on my offense intended.
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Though not 'Outbid' emails there is now a service available that provides updates via email when your bid will no longer be accepted, but these updates are, and always have been, infrequent. It is configured via the Settings page and we refer to them as 'Notifications'.

This was introduced, as a feature, while you were away, John.

We are currently awaiting a new version of the Gixen Desktop Manager, the primary function of which is to provide a user configurable monitor of the current auction price.

The best policy, as far as I am concerned, is to always do your research and know your maximum price before setting up your snipe in the first place, and therefore never get involved in any potentially costly and unwise bidding wars on items that you might later discover have sold for much more than the normal value of the item.
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You're wrong, the outbid notice actually just came out:

Gixen <daemon>

1:09 PM (22 minutes ago)

to me
Item: 352139761412
Title: OMEGA ANTIQUE 1915 Large Wristwatch Deco DIAL aerostat balloon
Your maximum bid: 125.00
Current price: 325.00
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Gixen has never sent "outbid" emails, those sorts of emails are sent by eBay.

See for a detailed discussion of this topic.

The upshot is that it is better to use eBay directly for keeping track of the current price of auctions.
PostPosted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:52 am    Post subject: Current bid amount does not update

Item number: 352139761412

Gixen says that the current bid is $78, and my bid is $125.
The current bid has actually gone up several times, and is now at $325.
The current bid is not being updated on Gixen, and no outbid notification emails have been sent.
This was a very useful feature and I'd like to see it restored.

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