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Indeed 'OUTSNIPED' is a later winning bid.

However, bidding later isn't really the answer. Bidding more than you want to might be, but that's an issue with your decision making about what you are willing to pay, not an issue with when the bid is placed with Ebay.

Most often it will just be someone that scheduled a later snipe than yours.

You also bidding later actually makes it less likely you will win not more likely.

The same applies even if it was a manual bid, anyone bidding in the last 30 seconds of an auction has already decided that they are willing to pay more than they have registered with Ebay... you bidding later isn't going to make them change their mind about that, is it?

The later you leave it the less advantage you get from the bid increment rule, and, if you don't bid odd amounts, even the first bid rule.

If someone has decided that they are willing to pay more than one bid increment more than you are and they take the steps required to get that registered with Ebay, at any time during the auction, you are not going to win, no matter when your bid is placed... in all such scenarios timing is not the issue.
PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:32 am    Post subject: What does out-sniped really mean?

If someone logged a higher bid level before me, and I snipe below that, their bid is incremented above mine. Fair enough.

Is that recorded as out-sniped, or did someone actually put in a higher bid after me?

If they did enter a higher bid within 6 sec, then I might reduce the snipe time to 3 seconds.

FWIW, I have manually sniped at 2 sec before subscribing to gixen

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