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I am guessing that, if you only started using the service today, that this snipe was not Mirrored, but I thought I'd better just check ?

If, by some chance, it was Mirrored, did you receive that 'OUTBID' status on both server tabs ?

It's interesting, and perhaps relevant, that there was only ever one bid on that auction, yours, which won it, so there was never any possibility that you could be outbid.
PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:26 am    Post subject: Says I was outbid but I won.


Just started using Gixen today. I won the above item, but the Desktop Manager and the website say I was outbid. As glitches go, it's hardly the end if the world, but is this a known issue?
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Thank you for reporting this - I believe I have fixed this now for all new snipes.
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The exact same thing has now happened to me with item 332316612264.

Gixen (Main, Mirror and email) all tell me that I've been OUTBID on the item, but I actually won it.

I'm also getting conflicting statuses (AUCTION ENDED EARLY OR SNIPE LATE on the Main and OUTBID on the Mirror) for items that, again, I have won.
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I think the Gixen Desktop Manager is 'working' more by luck than judgement... via the new Gixen credentials.

Since the database is common they do appear to be getting through to the new system on and the sniping engine is picking them up and doing something with them... it's possible there are some slight processing differences between that and having being submitted via

So that snipe is certainly something Mario should take a look at, while bearing in mind how it got on the database in the first place.

Thanks for reporting it... it's certainly interesting...
PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:01 am    Post subject: Gixen says that I was OUTBID but I WON

Realise that this is probably not top of the priority stack with all the other issues surrounding the transition, but I thought that I should report it as it happened with a snipe that I placed AFTER my account had gone through the transition (although the snipe was placed using Gixen Desktop Manager, so perhaps was placed on the "old" system rather than the "new" one?)

Basically both the Main and the Mirror sites (and the post-auction-ending email) said that I had been OUTBID, but eBay says that I have won.

The item number is 172789956787 and there were no bid retractions.

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