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Hello mario,

yes since march 2014 sniping is no longer forbidden by Ebay Germany AGB (AGB = general terms and conditions), still the german help pages list it as forbidden and support is clueless. Thats ebay at its finest.

I changed the default now to germany. Hopefully that will work better for me if in the future a similar case arises. Ebay germany sometimes will not allow to pay by paypal, as german sellers are able to force bank transfer in specific categories. This was the case here.

You are correct, US customer support may be able to help. I'm not covered by anything except german law, the seller didn't do proper packaging and the ebay site doesn't allow for easy dispute opening. I'll see how it goes, no worries. This is entirely an ebay issue, they apperantly can't or do not want to handle a bank transfer at dispute resolution.

I like Gixen, keep up the good work.
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Sniping is not forbidden by eBay, not sure why you would be told that, but this is irrelevant.

If you used the default settings on Gixen, your bid was submitted to, not In the future you can set this on the settings page.

That said, any dispute should now go through, e.g. eBay US site and is governed by policies. So call US eBay customer support.

In general, I don't think you are covered on any eBay site when you pay by bank transfer, but I could be wrong about that. I would use PayPal in the future.
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I have been using gixen to bid on a item at ebay germany by placing the bit at default target site
The problem is now, that the item was payed by bank transfer and arrived broken.

I'm unable to raise a dispute, because is alwways redirecting to and that is showing the following error "You can't start a return for this item. We can't process your request to return this item because payment hasn't been received. Please go to checkout."

Naturally, going to checkout doesn't help either and the item is already marked as payed.

German ebay support told me the problem is because by purchasing at I can't open a dispute when payed with bank transfer, that they can't help and that using sniping service is forbidden in germany.
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It isn't possible right now, sorry.

The closest you can get, as I am sure you already know, is Germany or the UK.

But you can still set snipes that will work via Gixen on any item that appears on the French site, Gixen has users from all over the world that use many of the sites that currently can't be set as target sites, when you win the results still appear on your home site and you can pay via that home site... The target only ever made a difference in cases where people want to raise a dispute via Ebay after winning and item and having a problem with the transaction that the seller is unable or unwilling to resolve inde4pendantly... thankfully that only happens quite rarely anyway... and it has always been possible to do it, via the site where the bid was actually placed, i.e. what Gixen refers to as the target site.

It may become easier to add to the list of possible target sites once the current transition work has completed, in a few weeks time... Certainly the ground is shifting on that front, right now.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:10 pm    Post subject: Gixen main target ebay site:

I want France for Gixen main target ebay site:

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