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Please email me and I will take a look. Include usernames. Generally, same username is not an issue. I don't recommend same password, in fact I strongly recommend against it, but again I have no way of preventing it - Gixen will no longer ask for or keep eBay passwords at all.
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Well, I guess this could be fixed if first checked its own ids before trying to log into Ebay with those credentials.

If it's not doing that, and is logging into Ebay instead, then I guess you are going to have to get that Gixen id deleted from the database before you can register another, that is different from your Ebay id.

As of today, I'm not aware of any method for you to unregistered a Gixen id... So if you can't find one either, I think your only option is to contact Mario direct from the email address you have registered with Gixen, and explain the situation in full, including the Gixen id you need removed. The support email address given on the 'Contact' tab is the one to use.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:39 am    Post subject: I chose the same ebay username and password by mistake

I transitioned over with a "new" Gixen Username. BUT I chose my same eBay credentials by mistake.

So now I keep getting emails to authorize Gixen on ebay...which I do, but still keep getting the same emails to authorize.

Now I am stuck with my old ebay username and password and I don't know how to change my credentials to a different Gixen username and password.

When I try to link a new username though, and get through, I keep getting username is already associated with a different account.

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