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Cupid wrote:
What was the status that Gixen gave the failed snipe after the auction had completed ?

Mario was kind enough to ping me last night and explained that he saw a an edit to my bid shortly before auction end in the logs. I confirmed I did make a price increase and despite the logs indicating that I made some funky changes AFTER auction end as well (I did not), I'll try to avoid making any changes within the last few minutes to begin with. Really appreciate the response, and the community here. Thanks guys.
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What was the status that Gixen gave the failed snipe after the auction had completed ?
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Just attempted a test snipe within the same group I had issues with tonight. A successful bid. Can't make heads or tails of what happened in the failed attempt other than some sort of web bottle-neck during prime time? (ended at about 7:45pm PDT).

Anyway, 2 for 3 so far. If there is a "must have" auction I may have it ungrouped in order to take advantage of the mirrored bids from both servers... sigh.
PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:59 pm    Post subject: First 2 days of Mirror service - a couple success, 1 failur

Been an ebay user since 1999, have tried various other snipe programs over the years.

Gixen seemed promising. A couple successes on the free account this last weekend, followed by 2 successful snipes (offset 3) after paying for the mirror service... 1 of which was an auction in a standard group.

However, tonight I had a problem. 2 items in a standard group set-up as I had before, the first item in the group ended without any bids from my account despite my max bid of $47.00... the auction ended at $33.64. Same settings as before.

Extremely disappointing with no attempted bids whatsoever. Maybe I'm better off not using the group feature for "must have" items. I'll give it a couple more chances but if I'm burned again, I'll chalk it up to a cheap $6 lesson and a couple blown wins.

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