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OK bro.... Let's just forget it.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:16 am    Post subject: Re: Add a TOTALS section.

Yes, I can confirm my understanding.

My response was specifically addressing this portion of your original post:

asgardianboy wrote:
one value would be how much one would spend if all auctions would end at current prices and I won them all.

I am sorry if that was not clear enough. I did not intend to responding regarding the other example.
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I know all that.
My proposal is to obtain a value that allows you to know just how much are you putting aside for bids, in the theoretical case you won all of them, at exactly you maximum bid.
It is just an orientative value. That's it. A worst-case scenario. It would be useful to keep your spending in check and at bay.
Understand now?
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It is only possible to win auctions at the current price, if that price is an opening price and there are no bids.


Why would you want a "bid now" button, when you always have the option to bid on Ebay direct, if you wish ?
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Is it easy for you to add a "bid now" button?
PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:37 am    Post subject: Add a TOTALS section.

Wouldn't it be great being able to know how much money you are going to spend if you won all auctions you have entered in Gixen? It would help a lot as to expense control.

For instance, one value would be how much one would spend if all auctions would end at current prices and I won them all. That would be a theoretical, yet telling, value.

Another value: total amount if I won all auctions at exactly my maximum bid.

Regular groups would count only for the one item in the group with biggest current or max bid.

This idea can be further developed with more interesting values.

What do you guys say to this?


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