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This is normal operation.

The second time you try to bid the same amount on Ebay the bid is rejected and it says you need to bid more than you already have, hence 'BID UNDER ASKING PRICE' is a correct reflection of what happened.

This just means that the Mirror server placed the bid enough time before the Main attempted to do so for Ebay to have already registered the bid placed by the Mirror.

Had the Mirror bid failed the Main was there to try and place the bid independently, that is the advantage of having two servers working for you.

As for your previous issue... are you aware that Ebay rejects any bid that is not at least one bid increment more than the auction price at the time the bid is to be placed ?... So it is not sufficient for your bid to be more than the auction price, before it can be placed, it must be at least one bid increment more... otherwise once again 'BID UNDER ASKING PRICE' is the correct status.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:50 am    Post subject: Bid Under asking Price' coming up when it isn't true

Hello, I have only recently started using Gixen, and I'm a paid member and on the first snipe I didn't win even though my bid was the highest, I had an emil saying


But as I say, my bid was highest. So I paid to get the mirror option after that, and I've just won a book through Gixen, yet here's what the email says

Title: A Wonder Book
Status (mirror): HIGH BIDDER

So the main bid went in as a different price to my actual bid. How can this be? I bought the book to check it worked, and it did, but only through the mirror snipe. Thanks, MJ

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