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eBay inserted captcha, preventing bid from being placed. I recommend that you change your ebay password and select a very strong one. This problem usually goes away after that.
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What exactly was the status that Gixen gave these snipes, both on the Main and the Mirror tabs ?

Were these auctions with sellers that you had bought from previously via Gixen ?
PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:20 pm    Post subject: something is fishy - help?

112340962055 is the auction

After bidding on about 30 auctions for same item where I bid anywhere from $10 - $13 and usually winning bids were around $13 - FINALLY 2 auctions go where winner got it for $4 and $5 respectively - but I bid $12 - so ODDLY ENOUGH, I get a complicated error msg saying my bid didn't go through fo proxy setting reasons on ebay. Huh? I am not a tech person, but how did I win other auctions (but ones for under $1) if ebay wouldn't let Glixen bid for me? This makes no sense. And especially odd given how low the items when for. Good price would be $7 or $8 - very peculiar that it sold for $4 and $5 the two times I couldn't bid. What gives, Glixen? WHY did it bid for all the other $12 auctions?? Very strange

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