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I don't think I understand, sorry.

The item number is already displayed a part of all snipes that are entered and displayed.

Those item numbers are configurable (via the 'country' setting, the first on the 'Settings' page) links which when clicked on take you to the Ebay item page.

There is also an option to turn on the small images as part of the snipes, it is called the 'Show images option' and can be turned on via the 'Settings' page.

If none of the above relates to your suggestion please could you explain what you mean in more detail ?
PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:09 pm    Post subject: chery HTML page referrer

Very Happy


Suggestion. Record the referrer on the main page and when you sign in have a button to ask "DO you want to see eBay item number blah" with the photo (if applicable and if eBay item page).

Worth the price you paid for the suggestion!

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