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This is consistent with what Mario has previously reported... that the block placed by Ebay is id and IP specific... so others can use that location to place bids and you can use other locations (eg the Mirror) to place bids too.

Usually these measures, taken by Ebay, don't last more than a day, or so.. but if you find it lasting longer then please contact Mario direct via email at the support address given on the Contact tab above and also provide him your Ebay id in that email.
PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:21 am    Post subject: verification required

Adding myself to list of users with verification probs. Getting that message on every snipe, but one bid rather that two (main and mirror) is still actually being made. Item 262875978320 typical
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Do you think you either:

a> Use the watch/Gixen list import facility a lot?

b> Change your credentials on Ebay regularly or recently?

c> Sometimes get your password wrong, in any context, not just via Gixen?

d> Are using a relatively new Ebay account ?

e> Have had Ebay prompt for additional account information that you have skipped for the time being ?

Any one of these has, in the past, been noted as increasing the likelihood that Ebay might target your account in this way.

To a certain extent with so many users now of the platform it is not surprising that this is happening to someone almost all the time. Also since Mario has noted hat the occurrence is generally restricted to a specific IP address (that is a specific internet connection) for a specific Ebay id, it is likely that having a Mirror subscription is likely to protect that specific Ebay id from occurrences the majority of the time, and is a further justification for having it applied to that account.
PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:26 am    Post subject: verification code required

Adding myself to the Gixen users who are receiving a "verification code required" message. I have Gixen Mirror and my bids DID go through on one or the other mirrors, but the message from Gixen is worrisome. Thanks
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That's right, if you would like Mario to look into whether the issue is specific to your Ebay account, or something that configuration changes, behind the scenes at Gixen, might improve, then please email him direct at the support address given on the 'Contact' tab above... always include your Ebay id in such emails... He is usually able to get back to you within a day or so.

Do you also have a Mirror account, and if so, was this snipe Mirrored (not Grouped) and what was the status on the Mirror tab ?

If your problem is exactly the same as others, and they are not being specific, it is fine to join in on their threads. When there are specifics involved it is probably best to start your own... otherwise replies get mixed up, and are hard to read... as is starting to happen in this case.

I see your item has been re-listed, so you could try again in 6 days time, its extremely unlikely that your account would still be being blocked by Ebay from logging in via the Gixen servers, at that time.


Only Mario can look into the specifics. behind the scenes... but from the information you have provide my guess would be that the Main snipe was cancelled due to an earlier problem where Ebay requested a verification code when Gixen tried to log into your account via the Main server... so that snipe wasn't even attempted via the Main Gixen server... so you only had the Mirror working for you, in any case... and just an 'ENDED' status would indicate that it was late placing the bid, so the auction had finished before it tried sending the bid... it happens... and usually is not an issue when you have two servers working for you... but when you only have one, then there's nothing else backing the placing of your bid.

Your item has also been re-listed... so there's another opportunity in 6 days time. However if you are finding that Gixen is having problems submitting your bids for more than a day, then I would advise contacting Mario direct via email as explained above.
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The item number was 162385353162. The status listed under mirror was "Ended" I read all the recent posts about verification code and no one else mentioned mirror not working. This seems to be a new problem. The verification code problem seems to happen with me a couple times a year, but mirror has always put the bid in. I do all my bidding through Gixen. It is so much better than ebay's own system. Hopefully this is only a one time or temporary thing. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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I read the other recent threads & checked the "CANCELED - VERIFICATION CODE REQUIRED BY EBAY - Issues" thread first. Since I saw another user having the "Verification code required" issue I thought I'd add my report here. I understand that the gixen proxy doesn't really help with this issue anymore & that instead sometimes mario does server configuration tweaks.
Item number 142269435157
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What was the Ebay item number of he auction you are inquiring about ?

Also, what was the status that Gixen gave the snipe on the Mirror tab ?.. That is the best indication of what happened there.


To avoid repeating myself too many times in a short timescale, you are probably best reading other recent threads on the same subject.
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Problem with "verification code required by Ebay" for me as well.
PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:18 pm    Post subject: Verification code required on main, mirror did not bid

I bid on four items today. Everything worked fine on the first one. I got the verification code required message on the nest 3 bids today. Mirror bid on the first 2 and I won one of them. On the third one, it appears mirror never bid. There were no bids at all on the item. What happened?

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