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Thank Mario. And it's good to see you pop in - was wondering where you been.

I didn't know about the chunky thing. I don't recall seeing that option when I paid for my service. But Jeez - at only 6 bucks a year how much cheaper could it be (or could I be) only buying a chunk or two? That's not gonna happen. For my low volume use this is still a ridiculous bargain at $6.00 a year. (Considering $6.00 only buys you about three snipes at some other places. Just sayin'...)

I just want to make sure gixen is there when I need it - all mirrored up any everything. I have had one - and only one - snipe that came up with a logon timeout error on one of the servers. So the mirroring is definitely worth the minuscule fee we pay for it.

Just good to know I will get an e-mail reminder when it's close to renewal time. NOW TAKE MY SIX DOLLARS!!! lol Mr. Green

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Yes, a reminder is sent. Note that there is also a "Gixen Mirror - Chunks" subscription. For the same price you can purchase 6 chunks of 15 days that do not expire until activated from the settings page. Then you can activate them one-by-one as you need them. So in your situation these 6 chunks may last you longer than a 1-year continuous subscription.
PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:04 am    Post subject: Do we receive a reminder about renewing the mirror service?

My bidding on eBay runs in spasms. I might go on a shopping bender and then not even look at eBay for months. Consequently I'm not looking very often at my gixen account and how much time remains for my paid mirror service.

So when out annual payment is due for the mirror service does either gixen or PayPal (though which the payments are made) send us any reminder?

I have one other thing on PayPal that is an annual membership fee where PayPal sends an e-mail reminder about a week before it processes the next payment. But I don't think the gixen mirror subscriptions are set up like this, as a recurring payment.

Personally, I would have no objection to Mario setting up the mirror payments via PayPal as a recurring item versus a "one off" type of payment. You will always get notice from PayPal about a week before they process a recurring payment anyway. And you can always stop a recurring payment at any time by just deleting it from your PayPal account.

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