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The reason that a secure connection is only used when necessary is that it is not possible to host adverts via https, and those help keep the site free for the standard service, and cheaper even when you opt for the upgrade of a Mirror subscription.

This forum is implemented using an off the shelf third party package, integrating it with the login required to support sniping would not be an easy task, with the only advantage being the removal of the requirement to solve a captcha when you post, for some.

This forum is deliberately left open for all to post, whether or not they have ever registered their Ebay credentials with Gixen, or not... also many would not wish to reveal their actual Ebay id when discussing issues here... So there can never be a requirement to log in before using it.

If you intend to use the Forum a great deal it is possible for Mario to set up a forum account for you, once logged into that there is no requirement to use the captcha system in order to post here.
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 5:27 pm    Post subject: Still happy + security suggestion : HSTS

Love the service. So nice to have a company that isn't in the business of ripping off its own customers for a change. Hope you're having a wonderful thanksgivging. You deserve a big hug.

Just had to go through the process.

Pretty painless. Ebay did not ask me to complete a verification process when I placed a bid via the proxy. Hope that doesn't mean it's more likely to block given again soon. Leaving the thing configured for now.

security suggestion : Enable HSTS - hxxps:// and your users credentials will be safer and I'd bet eBay will block you less.

security suggestion2: don't require logged-in users pass the anti-bot check.

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