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I find it is best to have the 'Target' set to the United Kingdom, since I am also living here. But it only really makes any difference if there are issues with the purchase as the laws and practices local to the site ion which the bid is placed apply. The other 'Country' setting only affects he links on the snipes page, but also useful to have as the UK if you ever use those links.

Yes, I think you are correct on how to disable the socks proxy... it does depend which browser you use though... certainly I keep the 'automatically detect settings', I think that can also depend on what ISP you use though.
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Thank you for the replies. I assume to turn it off I just remove the tick from "Use automatic configuration script" in Local Network LAN settings? I assume I leave the tick in "Automatically Detect Settings." If that's correct, then no need for reply. Thank you for your speedy response though. I've just noted the "Settings" box." I really should pay attention more! I note that my current country setting was: United States. I've amended that to UK, so perhaps that was the issue. Again thank you for your time in the matter.
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Gixen socks proxy is no longer needed (except in very rare cases), you can safely turn it off and the problem will be gone.
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Since you have a Mirror subscription you can enable small images on your Settings page.

Not all of the Ebay pages are redirected by the Gixen server via the socks proxy... I have noticed that in the past... only the ones necessary to log in and bid are handled... which is sufficient to get you back up and running if Ebay impose measures on your account.

The Gixen socks proxy is not intended to be used long term.. once your issue is resolved you should disable it in your browser and use Ebay direct from your home without directing your Ebay traffic via the Gixen servers.

Ebay should not impose sanctions on your account again if you continue to use Gixen on a regular basis... it just seems to be when you move around where you log in from too often that they like to make sure it is you that is doing it...
Gixen is Great
PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:48 am    Post subject: Unable to access my UK E-Bay pages, Gixen proxy socks issue

Hi, really great service, very happy with it. I used Goofbid before, which is better laid out, and has more user friendly functions. Plus you can see the picture of the item being sniped. That said, my main concern is the snipe working, that's my only concern. Gixen is functional and simplistic, so I'm happy.

I left Goofbid, because of the E-Bay questions that were stopping my snipes, I don't have this problem with Gixen. I use the Gixen sock and have mirror subscription. Fantastic price, I'd pay more. BUT, I note that I cannot get into E-Bay screens? I'm in UK and assumed that this might have something to do with the sock server being in the USA? Often I cannot get into my E-Bay summary page. It just gives me the:

""This page can’t be displayed

•Make sure the web address ht,....... removed due to SPAM filter, is correct.
•Look for the page with your search engine.
•Refresh the page in a few minutes.

Fix connection problems""

If I am in my shop, and click on an item (right click, open in new tab) then the same occurs? This happens often, but is intermittent. Refreshing the page does not work, but if I try repeatedly, open 4 windows in the same manner, sometimes it is rectified on one of them. Is anyone else from UK having this issue? It happens if I do a search, then try to look at an individual item. Sometimes I'll get sent to the USA page, so it has the item price and postage in Dollars? showing what the cost would be to have it posted to the USA, even though the item is being sold in the UK. I guess this is the server being in the USA and E-Bay assuming I am. I'm using Internet Explorer, but trying Chrome gives me this message:

""This site can’t be reached

The webpage at ht,....... removed due to SPAM filter,...... might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

This has occurred for a few weeks. I assume that if I remove the proxy, then this may rectify the issue, but then I'll start having issues with bids not working due to the E-Bay security questions. I know many people go on forums for an instant answer, rather than look it up on the same forum, but I have done a few searches to find anything on this. I do know that if I am on and look at a US seller, I will not see the items that they have in their shop if they have not paid an international fee for it to be seen in the UK. I wondered if this action by E-Bay was affecting me in some way? I thought I'd mention this to see what others thought?

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