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Just to follow up on Cupid's post: if you've already entered your maximum bid directly in eBay, then there is no need to schedule a snipe with Gixen. If the bid you entered in eBay is not really your maximum (i.e., you are willing to pay more), then it makes sense to scheduled an even higher snipe with Gixen. You could end up paying more, but only if someone else bids more (i.e., you can't bid against yourself).

As Cupid stated, the best strategy is to bid once, bid your maximum and bid late in the auction (which is what Gixen does for us).
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larionovo wrote:
can I use Gixen or will my own max bid with ebay come into play.

So long as you use the same ebay id to snipe as you have to place the current bid there is no danger that you will end up paying more due to the snipe alone.

To further explain on eBay it is not possible for multiple bids from the same id to push the price up, if you outbid yourself the price does not rise but you stand more chance of winning the auction as your outbid price is higher.

HOWEVER, never outbid yourself early (i.e. not as a snipe) as this indicates to others that you are prepared to pay more than your current maximum bid and often attracts more bidding that pushes the price up quite rapidly.

So to summarise the best practice is only to bid once, and very late (i.e. as a snipe) the next best practise is to bid low and early and back it up with a snipe at the maximum you are prepared to pay. With this 'second best' strategy there is no danger of paying a higher price than your first bid if there are no other bidders in the mean time.
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Just registered but just wondering, I really want to win this item but I have already bid on it and have a maximum bid placed with ebay already. It ends today so can I use Gixen or will my own max bid with ebay come into play.

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