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PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:57 pm    Post subject: Was wary of sniping sites but honesty here won me over

I've manually sniped for a while and was wary of sniping services. Someone on Reddit mentioned Gixen and that it was free, and I took a look at at the website. The honesty about its limitations won my trust and since I had an auction to snipe soon that I'd be asleep during, I decided to try it.

Using the site was an absolute breeze; I just logged in with my eBay credentials, put the item number and bid, and that was it. The website is refreshingly uncluttered, and the interface for setting up a snipe is no-nonsense.

I appreciate the attention to detail in security and reliability. Credentials are only kept for a limited time after an auction ends, SSL is used for all password transfer. For the mirrored server, both are entirely independent without any shared database or reliance on each other. The feature set shows lots of refinement and response to user needs.

I appreciate this site and hope you continue to keep it working despite eBay's constant roadblocks (most likely there to stop scamming, with sniping sites unintentional collateral damage). It's a privilege to have a service like this and get more sleep and not have to stay home during those critical auction endings!

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