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If it is such a rare item and you can be available to watch the end then you can also bid on ebay yourself just to be sure. That combined with gixes will make sure nothing should go wrong.
As long as you use the same ebay account ofcourse.

Gixen will be probably be enough as it has been for me for thousand of auctions. But if it such a rare item then better be safe then sorry.
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Yes, I must admit that was partly why I quoted it here... Smile
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And Dutch auctions have been discontinued by ebay for a long time already, so I should probably remove the note about them from FAQ.
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This is the relevant question from the FAQ page:

If I enter my maximum bid in Gixen, will I have to pay that amount if I win?

Not necessarily (except for Dutch auctions). All Gixen does is enter your maximum bid on eBay just before the auction closes, and then eBay's proxy bidding system takes over. The winning bid amount will be the second-highest bid plus up to one increment, which could be much less than your maximum bid. Thus, you should always enter your maximum bid in Gixen, just as you would if you entered it manually directly on eBay. An important exception are Dutch (multiple-item) auctions, in which you pay what you enter (provided you win).

To summarise Gixen submits your bid but Ebay only makes you pay, at most, one bid increment more than the next highest accepted bid.

You have done the correct thing by entering as your snipe amount the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for the item.
PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:04 am    Post subject: Bidding increments

Hi all,

I have read the FAQ but the answer to my query there was not something I could understand fully so I would like to ask here.

I am preparing to snipe a very rare item which I would like to win. It's currently way under market but there could be other 'snipers' in waiting.

I am willing to pay a relatively high price for the item which has $25 dollar increments.

Now if I enter my max bid within Gixen, which happens to be several hundred dollars more that the current highest bidder, will Gixen bid my highest bid 6 seconds before auction close, or will it simply enter the next increment?

You see, I am more than willing to enter my highest bid that I am willing to pay, but I don't want to spend several hundreds of dollars when I don't have to.

Best Regards to all

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