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I don't see this as something with potential and wider number of users who need it.
PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:55 am    Post subject: Service request / Suggestion

Hi there,

I just find out about your webpage and I love it! Compare to the paid services out there it's a real bless you are offering something like that for free and I Thank you!

I have a request / suggestions for a service that will be beneficial for everyone I think. At this webpage : they have an amazing tool about comparing prices on games and showing profit if certain item is sniped. Is this something you can possibly do perhaps? I would use this webpage, but being I am based in the UK and their webpage is USA only I cannot. I saw that your sniper offers both USA and UK customers so I wanted to drop you a quick email and see if that is something you can do for us in the UK.

I can see this service being really profitable so I wouldn't mind paying monthly fee if you want to do it that way.Let me know what you think.

Kind regards,


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