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As you say that can happen only when there are no bids on the item... so it is less common than it otherwise might be... and any seller planning to operate that way runs the risk of a single early bid forcing them to honour their low shipping cost if no other bids are ever placed.

It is one reason that some snipers recommend a low bid on items that have none, as well as the actual snipe... another is to get an unacceptable 'By It Now' option removed from the listing.
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Phil wrote:
Is it possible to have the postage cost of the item displayed alongside the current bid price?

Some sellers counter sniping on unbid items by raising the postage price in the last minutes, congrats your bid 0.01 postage $500.

This happened to me when I was bidding on a few 1c items to get my feedback score up luckily I only paid $5 on postage whereas when I lined up the bid in gixen postage was free on the auction and the seller changed the postage price.
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I think there are issues with storing pound symbols in the Gixen database because it does not handle special characters.

This is also why some special characters are replaced when they occur in item titles.
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I agree that displaying postage would be extremely difficult (it would need to know where you are in the world, and, if the seller offers it, which class of shipping you want to choose).

There are a couple of bugs in the Comments field implementation, however:
1) The GBP (GBP ) symbol is removed. This doesn't happen to USD ($) or EURO (€) symbols.
2) On any comments that I add via GDM, all spaces are replaced by "%20".

NOTE: when previewing this message, I noticed that the forum software has removed the UK pound symbol and replaced it with "GBP ". Why on earth would it do that, especially when it's not consistent across currency symbols?
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No it isn't possible to have Gixen do that for you.

It would be extremely difficult to implement a method for the values being accurate for all users... and even if it were possible would require the Gixen server to log into Ebay as yourself when the snipe is set up... that causes other major issues... and it currently does not have to do that...

You are much better off doing it yourself manually.

You can enable comments on Gixen and store the value there if you want it displayed on Gixen.
PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:02 pm    Post subject: What about postage?

Is it possible to have the postage cost of the item displayed alongside the current bid price?



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