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The storage of password only with the snipes is a design feature of Gixen... Mario made a commitment from the start that users credentials would on;y be stored as long as necessary to execute snipes... If the password were to be stored separately then he would have to break that long standing commitment... Mario is not the sort of person that breaks such commitments lightly.

When a mismatch is detected later snipes that use the same credentials are cancelled immediately... this, along with the initial failure of a snipe is, in my opinion, indication enough that your snipes are no longer able to be executed after you change your password and do nothing to update Gixen as a result of that change.

[The addition of amounts to a snipe value, that you set, to win auctions has been discussed previously... the fact that you want extra added to your bids when you do not win indicates that you have not set your maximum bid as your snipe value... this is the area of your usage you should reconsider, updates of the kind you suggest are not considered necessary by the majority of users that have thoroughly thought through their bidding strategy.]

Thank you for being a loyal Gixen user, please don't think I am attacking you... I just don't agree with you... and this reply is as much for others to read as it is a response to your complaints.
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I've been a paid Gixen user for years, and recently I've had to change by eBay password two times (heartbleed, recent security breach). I've noticed that Gixen seems to keep accounts as (user,password) pairs instead of simply by the user name. I say this because I had snipes set up under by user name, but when I changed my password, they disappeared!

Most recently, I had a snipe set up, then a couple days later I changed by eBay password. I forgot to check back with Gixen. Needless to say, I lost that auction. Arrgh!

May I recommend that Gixen accounts be stored by user name only, and handle password changes in the way that users expect: if you can no longer authenticate a (user,pass) pair with eBay, put a HUGE thing on the page asking the user to update their Gixen password. This way any snipes already created will follow the user and get the latest password.

[One last rant: please, please, please do something about the minimum bid increment. I lose 2-3 auctions per year due to this, and I don't use eBay/Gixen very often. Please allow an option to automatically increase by bid by the minimum increment if eBay rejects my Gixen bid.]

These two things said, I'm still a huge fan of Gixen. I've used it for over 5 years and I've been a paid user for 3+ years. Definitely the best way to bid!

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