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1) Postage cost is very difficult to implement accurately for all users in all locations, in my opinion it is better not to provide information that it is to potentially provide inaccurate information. If it were to be considered I would suggest that the only place it makes sense is within the Gixen Desktop Manager.

2) I would expect that the cost of implementation is reasonable but since it involves extensions to the database tables, changes to the look ups, the user interface display and the settings options, plus that it has not been requested frequently that this has not been given the highest priority.

Gixen has always focused primarily on efficient accurate sniping and less on what could be regarded as auction management tools... it was envisaged that others might like to implement this type of feature themselves utilising the Gixen API that was provided some years ago.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 2:24 am    Post subject: 2 Suggestions

Hi everyone.

I just stumbled upon this sniper program and must admit, i think it's great. I have been using some other programs and services over the last ... well ... 10 years or so, but this one is top of the line.

Naturally i did pay the (much too) low fee for one year and have set a couple of snipes up as a trial.

Two things, i was used to by other programs, seem to be missing:

1) There is no field stating the transport (postage) cost - is there a reason for this?

2) I could not find a way to change the Group Names - it is convenient to be able to name a group "Car related" or "CPU buying" instead of "Group 1" and "Group 2".

Have a great day and thank you for this little marvel of a program.

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