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PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:34 pm    Post subject:

Hola Cupid. What you say makes sense. (sob)

By the way -- yesterday I won with one of my lowball bids. If I keep saving $$$ like this, I'll go bankrupt. Confused
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Obviously Ebay are the only ones that know why they have constructed their auction software as they have and continue to maintain it that way.

That said, my own view is that Ebay have observed that auction sites that extend auctions as a result of late bids have less traction in the marketplace than the ones that don't, at present.

I also think Ebay know that many serious buyers are snipers and they do not wish to loose that potential buying resource.

Sniping is also regarded as 'part of the Ebay experience' so new customers coming in will more often experience being outbid close to the end of the auction.. and this encourages them to bid higher amounts in the future, whether or not they also decide to pursue the sniping route... if buyers know they have a further chance to bid if there are late bids they are more likely to be complacent and not bid their true maximum, the thinking being that they might get it at the lower price and can always follow it up with another bid at the end of the auction if necessary.

After all this time I think it is unlikely Ebay will move away from fixed length auctions, personally I prefer them now, but I did not at first having been used to attending real auction houses previous to using Ebay.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:00 am    Post subject: Lowballer-at-large

Recently signed up w/Gixen. My bids here so far have all been lowballs so as to try & outright steal an item. Reason: I won 2 recent ukulele auctions (using manual snipes); therefore there isn't anything I really *need* at the moment. But Ebay auctions are too much fun for me to sit idly by on the sidelines.

I'll be back to more serious bidding in a few more weeks. (I *seriously* want to "win" a baritone uke.)

Curious: anyone have an opinion as to WHY Ebay doesn't have auctions of the type: "going-once, going-twice, SOLD!"??? Am I the only one who likes that sort of competitive auction better than time-limit auctions?

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