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This is not so - ebay proxy bidding increases bid up to user's maximum using their proxy bidding system. Also, price is increased by an increment pre-set by ebay (google for "ebay bid increments" and you will find a page that explains this).
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I'm sorry your suggestion makes no sense, to me.

If the bid you set as snipe in Gixen is not the maximum that you are willing to pay for the item then I do not think that you are understanding how to use the site to your best advantage.

Also note that there is most often no way for anyone, including the Gixen software, to know the amount of the highest bid before an attempt is made to place yours, Ebay only reveals the true amount of a bid once it is outbid, before that the bid is shown as one bid increment more than the next highest bid.

When there are already bids placed on the auction, Ebay will only ever accept bids that are at least one bid increment more than the current auction price.
PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:44 pm    Post subject: Minimum bid

I would suggest to allow users to add a minimum bid to their snipe.

It can be useful since a lot of people are using snipers on ebay auctions, for exemple someone don't set a minimum bid and the wanted item is at 400$, it will add 0.05$ at the last second of the auction but if someone set a minimum bid of 410$ it will set 410$ at the last second.

We can also think of permitting the user to add an edge to the bid, for exemple 10$ more that the current price, so if the item is at 400$ it will pay 410$.

Thanks for reading. (sorry for mistakes)

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