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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:22 am    Post subject: Interface

hi precision
web browser, firefox
same pb in v3 or 5 updated.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:18 am    Post subject: Interface

Hi, thanks it works good.
but in french interface
no edit box ( sould delede and re create)
no setting box
and setting by english interface, no french ebay french preferency!

If can be correct,
PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:41 am    Post subject: Edit

Thanks... used to have to copy/delete/add/paste... this is easier!
PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 8:49 am    Post subject: merci beaucoup

Mario, thanks soooooooo much. This is just what I had been praying for. I know you have worked hard to put this all together and hope its been worth it. I haven't been able to payback yet for this wonderful feature but hope to do so in the future when my website is set up. Any reccos for a good web host?
PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 8:55 pm    Post subject: "Edit" function added

Edit function is implemented as "Delete" + populate fields...
This is done so in order to keep the interface simple and avoid additional screens. Let me know if you notice any bug.

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