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No, this was not a snipe, it was an ebay proxy bid on behalf of the winning bidder. His maximum bid was higher than yours. Read more about ebay proxy bid in ebay help.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 6:57 am    Post subject: outbid

I used gixen for the 1st time-don't understand why I was outbid.

My bid was executed 4 seconds before end of auction, item #320080777522, but I was outbid by a much earlier (10 hours) bid. The winning bid was the minimum incremental increase over my bid.

When I placed my $12.01 bid with gixen, the current bid was shown as $8 but the winning bid of $12.51 was placed 10 hours before. Was I out-sniped?
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Thanks for your help.
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Incremental bidding is kind of confusing at first. For a full explaination, try eBay's help page on Bid Increments.

As you noted, the winning bid of EUR 30.50 came in 14 secconds AHEAD of you. It appears to me that this was the bidders maximum bid and probably not a lesser incremental bid amount.

If my assumption is correct, your bid of 30.00 would have won if it had been placed BEFORE the 30.50 bid. In order to win with a snipe placed AFTER the winning bidder, you would have had to have bid at least 31.50.

On the other hand, the winning bidder might have had time to respond to a higher bid that were made earlier, there is no way to know. One minor tip is to avoid bidding in even amounts. I like to end bids in odd cents like .03, .27, .64. This would not have made much difference in this instance because in order to beat the next earlier bidder and still come in to high for the other guy to win, the perfect bid would have been 29.99

Snipe as much as you are willing to pay and try to remember: it is always better to lose an item than to win it by paying too much.

Good Luck & Best Wishes to You!
PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 2:57 pm    Post subject: OUTBID???!!!?


Can you please explain how I was OUTBID on this item 170071026465.
My bid of 30.00 was placed at 18-Jan-07 19:59:55 GMT, and someone outbid me at 30.50 with a bid placed 14 secs earlier 18-Jan-07 19:59:41 GMT. Is this possible?


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