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PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 7:38 pm    Post subject:

Mark is right: even just the process of keeping the current bid updated is so resource-intensive that Mario restricts it to a small number of items. So, what you are suggesting is very unlikely to happen.

I would suggest that you re-think your bidding strategy. The main point of sniping is to prevent other bidders from reacting to your bid; thus, you are in a sense defeating the purpose of sniping if you are adjusting your bid based on other bids. If you spend any time on the eBay Bidding discussion forum, you will find that their mantra is
Bid ONCE. Bid your MAX. Bid as LATE in the auction as you feel comfortable.
One regular on the Bidding Board defines "MAX bid" as the amount at which you are RELIEVED when someone outbids you.

I find that using Gixen has trained me to be a more disciplined bidder by forcing me to decide what my MAX mid is well before Gixen places my bid. Using Gixen provides me the additional advantage of not having to be at my computer to monitor the end of the auction. Very Happy
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I think you ar highlighting the one major problem with sniping.... that being that you need to do more research prior to the auction closing in order to decide what your snipe bid will be... relying on what other bidders do on the auction that you are interested in is really not enough, that way you are more likely to get drawn in and pay more than you need to.

Its for these reasons that I don't think this feature would actually improve the use of gixen.
PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:25 am    Post subject: Email

I would like to know (via email) when Gixen successfully or unsuccessfully bids on an item for me. Ideally it would be nice if Gixen would let me know that my bid isn't going to be good enough so I could re-consider. Obviously this would require Gixen to do a review of all auctions at preset times which could create server processing problems?

Anyway just a thought. I find I am having to monitor the auctions anyway because I'm not sure of my maximum bid. I'd like Gixen to be a set it and forget it tool "unless" Gixen won't be able to bid for me.

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