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I know one sniper which supports two auction sites. It also provides a statistic about bidding. eBay gets about 95% of it.
Seems like the other auction site was added just because the owner of this sniper used it. Otherwise, they would not bother.
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Mario has considered it in the past, but:

1: It would have to be a very well used site for it to attract a large number of users and hence make the effort worthwhile.

2: There would have to be little competition for sniping on that site, to give competitive advantage (sounds like this does apply to your site)

3: It would have to be 'snipable', by which I mean that some have mechanisms to extend the auction length when there are bids close to the end time.

.... Most sites fail the test at point 1. Can you justify your request for your site against all these three (I think there may well be other points I've missed as well)... and can you tell us which site it is?
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Your system works great, just put your banner on our blog today. I was wondering if it would become possible to use the Gixen with other auction services. After searching I found no sniper that would work with auctions other than eBay. We currently bid on a site that has a lot of reseller sources but it's auctions all end in nearly the same time. This makes it impossible to win multiple auctions. A service for other auctions would be great for us and would also help others.

Keep up the great job.


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