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thank you

great forum !
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There was a reserve on this auction which must have been greater than your bid of 420... so though you are highest bidder you still don't win.

Until the reserve is met, ebay uses your bid in a proxy bidding system to outbid the previous highest bidder... by one incremant until your highest bid is reached... so the amount you are seeing is 329.99 plus one increment (5 at this level of bidding).

Gixen does indeed place your highest bid at the last moment.. however please remember that it is not the last bid that wins, it is the highest... AND the reserve has to be met or the seller does not have to sell the item to you... they have to pay extra for a reserve price and this is why.
PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 1:27 am    Post subject: reserve not met ???

item # 300176154702

I set max bid of 420, but when I looked , I had lost, even though I was the last bid. My bid shows as 334.99 instead of 420 ??? that seems weird to me.

Why did I lose ?

I thought that Gixen puts in my highest bid amount 6 seconds before end of item, and lets the Ebay functions take over ?

PS- I love your service here and thank you for the forum.

Thaddus Corea.

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