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That auction id is missing a digit, Ebay auction ids have 12 digits.

Nonetheless, that Gixen status results from information returned by Ebay when Gixen tries to submit the bid. In turn Ebay responds with that information if the seller of the item selects the option to block bids from any buyers that have an unpaid item strike on Ebay in the past year, or so.

Have you ever, in particular, in the last year, agreed not to proceed with the payment for an item that you committed to buy on their site, and therefore had the transaction cancelled ?... If so that will be the underlying reason for this snipe not resulting in your bid having been accepted by Ebay for this item.

If you have no knowledge of any cancelled transactions on Ebay, you could try taking this up with Ebays' customer support. However, in my experience, they often don't have the level of authorisation required to be able to find out exactly where within the Ebay system the record is held, let alone be able to do anything about it... If you are very persistent they may eventually pass it on to a colleague that can.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2024 9:58 am    Post subject: 2631100899

I bid on an item 26311008992 (and would have been the highest bidder), but got the GIXEN info: 'AUCTION RESTRICTED: BIDDER HAS UNPAID ITEMS'.
This is not correct.
Why is that? What can I do? What is wrong?

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